A winter cold.

I thought I had won this winter.  While it seemed like everyone and their cousin was getting sick at the office I was still a healthy gal.  However two days ago I came home and felt like a bunch of unruly teenagers had thrown rocks at me.  Because that’s generally what I imagine unruly teenagers to do.  I immediately emptied the medicine cabinet out, ingesting a cocktail of every vitamin, pain reliever and cold medicine we had.   I’m feeling slightly better but my nose is currently a waterfall.

That was a gross comparison I know but sometimes you’ve just gotta share these visuals.  [side bar-currently watching the Olympics and the announcer just made a comment “that is quite gay”. ] Speaking of sharing I’m going to share three new blogs on my radar from friends of mine.

Jay is taking a giant leap of courage this year and picking up his life for a move to Shanghai.  Two weekends ago my friend Mike and I took a dangerous drive to Toronto for his going away party.  Seriously, worst winter driving conditions I’ve ever suffered through. Read his intelligent thoughts at his blog here.

My girl Talia and her fiance (oh fun word) went on a crazy trip around Asia.  They are brave and told us all about it the whole time.  Honestly if felt like they were gone forever.  Read their adventures here.

My dear friend Max is crude, and angry, and oh so very opinionated.  He’s also witty, sharp, and honest.  His grammar sucks and I’ll often catch spelling mistakes but I was told that’s not what my job is when reading his blog.  You’ve been warned.   Check out his reviews here.

You already know how much I love twitter and I also really love my family (because they are nuts).  So I saved a couple of my favourite tweets from my brother and sister.


No you can’t.  And I will tell you why.  Because my sweet sweet mother wears Christmas sweaters with real bells and light up reindeer and scary looking Santa on them and doesn’t think they are ugly.  That is why.


Julie is poor because she’s addicted to Booster Juice.


What happened at that party…..?


So much truth in this.  Life of an arab girl.



My greatest life accomplishment was introducing Julie to Sons of Anarchy.


Refer to Arab comment.

julie04 julie03

If that’s not a great nostalgia reference, I don’t know what is.


Julie has a seriously questionable and unhealthy obsession with Kyle Turris.  90% of her tweets are about him and she’s convinced they’re supposed to be together.  She talks about him all the time.  It’s getting weird.


This was always a question I asked myself.  I mean Shania you’re super hot and talented but aren’t we setting the bar just a touch high?

chris10 chris09

If this is true I’ll believe in world peace.


MPGIS  Not safe for work but so very funny.


One of my favourite parts of being Lebanese is using arabic words in a really sarcastic way which allows my Canadian friends the opportunity to think they know what they mean and how to use them.  #MiddleEasternPride


Seems a little extreme but my brother was never known for his subtleties.

chris05 chris04

Seriously folks – it’s cold here.


We are big Beyonce fans in this house.  Unfortunately none of us will ever look like her.  Ever.  Like literally never.  It’s the saddest realization.   All hail Queen Bey.

Luckily we cleared that one up.


Have I mentioned we like Beyonce?

Keep warm, keep smiling, help one another out.  If you happen to be out tomorrow wondering if you could help people less fortunate than you the answer is YES!  We will be collecting canned goods for the Ottawa Food Bank  until 6pm tomorrow at the Loblaws on Isabella street.



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